Monday, September 8, 2008

Gullibility and Politics

Why are people so gullible when it comes to politics? Intelligent people on both sides of the political spectrum seem to go crazy when it comes to their beloved candidates. On one blog I read, in which most posters lean toward the conservative side, there are constant references to "Barack Hussein Obama," obviously trying to imply something negative from the guy's middle name. I've heard of lots of rumors about his supposed Islamic beliefs and training and all that. Now we have all sorts of crazy rumors about Sarah Palin. First was that her daughter actually gave birth to Palin's latest child, with all sorts of evidence about how they looked etc. which turned out to be bogus. Now there are rumors about book bans which apparently also turned out to be bogus, with some of the books she was supposed to have banned not even being published yet at the time of the alleged banning. My wife got an email forwarded to her from a fellow grad student (in earnest) regaling her with crazy stories about Palin from "someone who really knows her." Uh-huh. And Barack Obama is actually Saddam Hussein; when was Hussein toppled in Iraq: 2003. When did Saddam, I mean Barack, begin his campaign for the senate: 2003. It all fits!


bairdduvessa said...

my anger towards palin is her stance on being pro life, yet is being touted as a feminist. part of being a feminist is about encouraging women to have choice over all aspects of their lives. while there is such a thing called a pro life feminist i've yet to see it from her. too me she is just a mouth piece from the same fake religious right wing idiots that have claimed to be republicans and Christians my whole life.

i've come to terms that we are screwed no matter which paty is elected though

Anonymous said...

did you know palin is the second great grand-daughter of adolf hitler ?? she is the fully incarnate culmination of all that is evil and i'll tell you why. if you take her last name and switch the first and last letters you get nalip ... now turn the l upside down and you have nalip. in early writings they didn't use vowels so remove the a and i and you have nlp. now we of course live in modern times and use vowels so we'll add two vowels that correspond with our time period ... we'll use a and i ... add those in accordingly and you have nalip. notice nalip and hitler dont have the same number of letters or a "z." take the newly formed word nalip and reverse all the letters from back to front so it reads pilan. now hitler didn't believe in using kitchenware so you have to remove the letters "p,a,n" from the name, leaving "il" now add an H for homosexualism, a "T" which you will eat with croutons, and an "er" which is the nominative, subjunctive, presuppositional sequence of letters used by all dictators and you magically get "hitler"

it all fits!

Unknown said...


The abortion issue is one I am hesitant to engage in the comments section of a post...but I tend to agree with you about republicans and Christianity. I can't make any blanket statements, obviously, but I am deeply suspicious of the sincerity of faith of most politicians. I grew up, in part, in a Christian subculture that seemed to emphasize surface-level religiosity coupled with strong condemnation for anyone different from themselves. I have witnessed a big-name "Christian" speaker/healer from (sort of) behind the scenes and seen the complete fraud and greed behind the whole operation. It really is sickening. And I can't help but wonder about conservative politicians and their motivations, agendas, etc., for incorporating religion into their platform. That said, if you ever have the inclination, you should check out Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller, for a really interesting perspective on Christianity (especially in the context of today's Christian right).