Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Equifax Sucks

On the way home I was listening to NPR and heard part of a program about customer service and how companies are increasingly making it a priority. Companies are more sensitive now about word of mouth due to the growth of social networking and other internet related communication. Well, that made me think of the Equifax credit monitoring service and how crappy their customer service is. So I think I'll use this newfangled internet thingy to share my feelings.

A few months ago I signed up for a free trial of their credit monitoring service to check my credit score. I canceled it the following day and didn't give it another thought. One month later I get a charge from Equifax out of my bank account. I called and explained what happened and I was told that it would be fixed. A few weeks later I called again to see what had happened and to ask why my money had not been credited back to my account. I was told some reason or other and that it would be fixed within 48 hours. Another few weeks later and still nothing. I'm going to call again now and see what happens.

Update: I was just told that I was given the refund on March 10th. It is March 31st, and I just looked through my bank statement; no refund is there. I was advised to call my bank about it. Great. I love this stuff.

Update #2: I just contacted my bank and they are crediting my account while they investigate the issue. I will be notified of the results within 90 days. Equifax will be sorry now...I will get my money back! My 12 dollars and 95 cents!

Update #3: It's been over a year since all of this, and at this point I don't even remember what happened in the end...I know I received my refund, but I'm not sure if it was from my bank or from Equifax. Either way, the whole thing was a pain.


Anonymous said...

I tried to get my "free annual credit report" from Equifax today. What a joke. The site is nothing but a big come-on to get the consumer to buy their credit reporting services. I'm not allowed to access my own credit report unless I log on. Of course, I wasn't given the opportunity to create a user name or password, so, ta-daaa, no report! Equifax SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

Equifax is awful. Even after showing them my previous Equifax report and the reports from other agencies, they somehow merged credit information from another person with a totally different name onto my credit report. The problem is that some companies are stupid enough (specifically USAA) to use only Equifax services. I have immediately dropped Equifax services, which obviously do not work, and decided on the other companies for their credit card services

brent_beery said...
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Anonymous said...

Signed up for free trial account. They only allow you to cancel by calling in. I have now been on line for 30 minutes waiting for someone to come on line. And they are playing the same 30 second recording over and over.